How to Speed up Your Computer?

Speed up computer can be a frustrating task and if we don’t do this at right time working on that computer really irritates everyone. Here are few steps that can help in improving the speed of computer.

How to Speed up Your Computer?

  1. RAM speed can be increased if we identify all those programs that are not used regularly and delete them and this can be done just in 3 steps where we need to go to control panel, click remove programs and finally delete those entire programs one after the other.
  2. The Hard drive needs to be regularly cleaned from useless files, temporary files and clearing all the cookies. We can do this by clicking on Tools, Internet Options, General and erasing all cookies.
  3. Defragmenting the system also rearranges all the files and increases the space and then performance.
  4. Registry cleaner needs to be downloaded to clear all registry errors and most of the speed and performance problems are related to this.

Finally scanning the system can tell whether there are any more registry errors left. Make sure that anti-malware software is updated so that it identifies all types of errors and the scanning computer two times a week is really good. If the operating system is windows 7 or vista then Ready Boost can improve the performance speed. Having more number of icons on the desktop also slows down the PC. But before doing anything ensures that you have backup for all the important files. Optimizing the performance of the computer can also be ensured by keeping it in cool place. By enhancing the capacity of RAM and disk also the speed can be increased. The configuration of processed if changed sometimes can also boosts its speed. However sometimes changes in hardware configuration can also be necessary to increase the speed of the computer.

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