Google Launched New Adsense Interface in Beta mode!

Those who are not aware about Google Adsense, let me introduce them about the world’s most popular online earning medium provided by Google, the search engine giant. The online program by Google which allows website owners to earn revenue from their website by displaying contextual and relevant ads on their site is popularly known as Adsense.

Google Adsense

One of the most trusted programs as far as earning revenue in the online world is concerned is the Google Adsense program. It is my personal experience that you can easily trust them for earning revenues from your website. To earn more from your websites, Google Adsense Team has recently launched the new Adsense interface globally, which is in Beta mode now.

This new interface which looks quite cool from the previous one can be used with latest and higher versions of internet browsers. As per the email sent by Google Adsense team, this new interface is designed for publishers to help them make more money from the program. This new interface will provide more actionable performance data to its users.

With the help of this new user interface the user can have more control over the ads that display on their websites. We can expect that this new user interface will help users to manage their account with more proficiency and ease.

The best feature of this new design is that it includes some of the finest looking graphical representation of the data from users account. The user can also customize the performance report of their account. As per Google Adsense team this new user interface will provide easier ad controls, and it will be convenient for the user to get help and useful resources inside the account only.

With Facebook giving serious threat to the Google Mail (Gmail) service, hopefully this new user interface will help Google to gain the confidence of its regular users once again. My suggestion to the co-founder of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg with the launch of Titan you are giving competition to Gmail, and then why not launch a similar program to Google Adsense. Facebook will then give real threat to Google.

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