Facebook launched Next Generation Messaging System!

As we updated you in our last post that Facebook, the social networking giant, might launch the new email system, which can give threat to Google mail services, popularly known as Gmail. Moving ahead from the expectations of any one, Facebook launched the so called next generation messaging system yesterday on 15th of November 2010.

As Tech Acid informed you yesterday that Facebook is organizing the Monday event, in which they might announce the launch of the Facebook Titan, which is the email service project by Facebook, and which can kill the Gmail. (Read more by visiting: Is Facebook going to launch its Email Service on 15th of November 2010!) Mark Zuckerberg, the co-founder of the Facebook announced the launch of the new email service by Facebook, which he called as the next generation messaging system, which according to him will be seamless, informal, immediate, personal, simple, minimal and short. What else you need from an email services?

Facebook Launching Email Service

As per Zuckerberg, the new generation considers email as too formal, and they think it as an extra stuff to communicate. New generation people prefer other light weight communication means. Considering the same, Facebook devoted time to build a new product which can meet the expectations of the next generation messaging system.

As per him, around 350 million (and growing) users are already using the messaging services of the social networking site Facebook, and they share almost Four billion messages on a daily basis. As per him, it is the private and one to one messaging system. Every one of us prefers the private communication, so here he comes with the next version of messaging.

As per Zuckerberg, text messages (or SMS) are the most preferred options used by next generation for communication. So will provide the email ids like yourname, but remember it won’t be the email. It’s something completely different from the email. You will get to experience something completely different from using emails. Basically it will be called as Social Inbox for you and will provide you two main facilities of seamless messaging with conversation history for you.

As per Facebook, as they are aware of your friends, so they can really filter your mails based on whether your friends are sending mail to you or it is coming from some unknown source. It will clearly give advantage to them for spam control, for which Gmail is popularly known for. As per Zuckerberg, the emphasis will be given on making it as simple as possible.

Facebook Director of Engineering Andrew Bosworth presented the demo of the product yesterday. As per him, many people prefer SMS, while many others prefers emails, thus Facebook only need a user and his or her message. Other information which he gave was about the username, which is actually optional. You can either use your public username at Facebook, or you can choose a new available username too. This messaging system will work in real time. This system will work with Jabber/XMPP. The concept lies with which technology you want to receive or share the message you can use the same. Be it email, chat or SMS, you can use a whole range of technologies which are in fact not associated with

So beginning with the invite only option Facebook has officially launched the new generation email services, which has the potential to kill Gmail in future. Really speaking I personally finding it as an exciting concept and will surely prefer to use the same instead of using my regular Gmail account. What do you think about the Facebook Email Services?

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