Apple Canceled the Release of iOS 4.2!

I am feeling a bit sad about all the Apple Mobile users, as Apple has canceled the launch of the iOS 4.2 today. Apple was supposed to launch the iOS 4.2 on Friday 12th of November 2010, but canceled it at the last minute. The reason behind the cancelation was iPad Wifi issue.

iOS 4.2

I know that many of the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch users were eagerly waiting for the launch of the iOS 4.2. Although Apple canceled the launch of iOS 4.2 but the much awaited iTunes 10.1 is out today. With this launch Apple TV can now serve the video AirPlay feature.

As according to news sources, Apple canceled the release of iOS 4.2 just because there was a serious connectivity issue with the iPad. Actually Apple tested the iOS 4.2 and many of the users who used the Golden Master version of iOS 4.2 reported them the flaw. Many of them claimed that they can be able to establish a WiFi connection successfully, but then they were unable to do anything on net.

Although Apple did not updated about the new date of the launch of iOS 4.2 but we can expect that it can drop at any time within a few weeks.

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