Sony Ericsson’s Android-Based Xperia X3 Coming Soon!

Sony Ericsson’s Android-Based Xperia X3 Coming Soon! 

Sony Ericsson’s Android-Based Xperia X3 is about to come this November. Now you all must be thinking that there is still some timer! No, the date is November 3! Isn’t it great news! The series of smart phones would be unveiled and thus will clear all the doubts that all my readers will be having in their minds. The best part is that it is a very high-end model as it will be company’s first ever Google’s Android OS.

The video in my blog would give you a further elaboration on the whole issue. You would be able to see the phones from a diverse range of angles but I guess there are no details. But I guess most of you would have already seen the images of the phone long back on the Internet.

Here are some things that you would like to know about the devices. There are various speculations that the name of the device has been changed to “X10″ or the “Infinity”. But as far as the code name is concerned, it is certainly “Rachael”. It would be a 4-inch, 800-by-400-pixel and has my favorite touchscreen. I certainly love the aspect of having an 8 MPx camera with flash! In addition, it has a support for VGA recording as well.

The pricing factor is still unknown!


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