Apple Sales on a Roll!

Who says that recession is going on? In a recent news piece, Apple reported record revenue for its fourth quarter of the year 2009. And to add the cherry on the cake, Steve Jobs and co. commented “What Recession!”

On one hand, where the revenues of other companies were falling like a pack of cards, revenues of this giant company called Apple rose to a brilliant figure of $9.87 billion. Now this is what we call a perfect Christmas gift.

The statistics showed that the company managed to sell 3.05 million Macs 10.2 million iPods and 7.4 million iPhones, which is quiet a record in itself. It clearly shows the popularity of the Apple gadgets with all the technology geeks all over the world.

Steve Jobs stated his excitement by saying that they are more than thrilled to sell more gadgets as compared to the last quarter. And why not, it can be the best news for any other country having sales of these sorts. What is better is that news of this kind only strengthens the credibility and image of the company in the minds of its consumers.

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