Condé Nast Folds Four Magazines!

After reading this blog, magazines lovers would really find themselves in a state of shock. AS the headlines states, Condé Nast has finally decided to shut down four magazines and this for sure is not good news for my readers out there.

I understand what it feels when your favorite source of entertainment or information is snatched away from you. I am also feeling sad like all of you as all the four magazines were some of my favorite ones.

Now here comes the final verdict: After a thorough assessment, Condé Nast made the final decision of folding the famous magazines after consulting with consulting company McKinsey. What can be said about this decision? It is really shocking.

Here are the names: Cookie, Gourmet, Modern Bride, and Elegant Bride. Now how can some one shut down a 70 year old magazine at one go? This is not only surprising for its American lovers but people from all over the world are feeling sad on the issue. I am not from US and I am feeling the same emotions as any American! It has been said that “Elegant Bride” and “Modern Bride” would cuddle into one “Bride.”

The saddest thing to know is that Gourmet was attired with more than million subscribers and the news that its November issue would be the last gives me Goosebumps! The news has stunned everything. But I strongly feel that a legacy has come to end. At the same time I am getting a feeling as if it is an end to an era. Do my readers feel the same? Let me know!

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