Improved Palm App Catalog Will Land Soon!

Speculations are all over the market that the first batch of paid apps for the webOS’s new App Catalog will hit the town very soon (probably in a day or two – the date was expected to be 2nd October). Experts were saying that October would be the month that would witness its arrival.

Technology pundits are saying that this paid app would surely result in some mind-blowing things such as:

  • You will be able to re-download deleted apps and the best part is that these can be done free of charge. What else can you ask for?
  • On the verge of it, if you get a new webOS device (for instance, if we take example of new Pre), then later on after signing in into your Palm Profile, you will be able to get all your apps on your new device. Isn’t it exciting!

Now there is one more thing that is exciting in this news. Ask me what that is! I will tell you. The developers will get the availability of “tags” that will allow them to find apps in an easier manner. Let me give you an example. If you will type “SMS” you can get “Messaging!” Isn’t it really cool!

Now the fact is that Palm has done a perfect thing by coming out with this news! Now you can take a breath of relief that deleting apps won’t actually mean that you have lost it forever! Now you can re-download it – thanks to the new and improved Palm App Catalog. Just wait and watch for my next tech news that is round the corner. Stay Glued!

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