Mobile Companies are Launching Standard Charger for all Handset!

Now forget about carrying different chargers for different mobile handsets, the big mobile companies like Nokia, Motorola, LG, RIM, Samsung, Sony Ericsson, Apple, and a few more, have decided to launch an unique charger for all of their handsets, the charger will remain same for all of their handsets from 2010 in European countries.

Mobile Chargers

At the moment these companies have decided to launch the technique of unique chargers in Europe only, but hopefully later on they will launch it world wide too. This new technology is known as Micro USB. This is going to be standard in all the European countries from 2010.

As we are aware of the fact that whenever we purchase a new mobile handset, we always get a new charger along with it, despite of the fact that we do have a few older chargers in our home too. This way we increase the electronics garbage in our home and this is a serious concern for all the mobile companies.

To prevent the increase of the electronic garbage in the European countries, European commission asked the mobile manufacturer companies to come up with some thing new so that the user won’t be having more than one charger despite he is having more than one mobile too. Finally ten big mobile manufacturer companies have signed up an agreement which will promote the Micro USB as a single charger for all of their handsets.

This will bring the benefit of charging the mobile phones anywhere from the new charger, and also it will reduce the electronic waste. The only concern with the common charger is that it will only work with the data enabled phones, but it might be compatible with the phones bought from 2010.

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