Prices of Windows 7 Announced!

In a latest announcement, Microsoft the premiere software company has announced the prices of the latest operating system Windows 7. Windows 7 was much talked about in the recent time and there was a huge hype created in between the users of the old versions of the operating systems of Microsoft.

People who are using Vista, or Windows XP were thinking about the prices of the new version Windows 7 and finally with the official launch of the prices of Windows 7, they can be a bit relaxed as the initial pricing of the Windows 7 is around $40 less than the initial pricing of the same model of Windows Vista, although the prices are same for Business version. Also the initial price of the Home Premium addition of Windows 7 is $10 less than the current price of the Windows Vista.

You can check the prices of Windows 7 with the detail about how to upgrade from Windows XP to Windows 7 by visiting this link: In this latest article Microsoft team has described that Windows XP users will have to perform a clean install on the same partition when they will install Windows 7, regardless of the edition which they are using.

You can also pre order the Windows 7 from selected stores on June 26th. To know more about the Pre-orders of Windows 7 you can check this article:

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