Is it possible to have more than 100% new visitors on a website?

Have you ever heard that a website has received more than 100% new visitors? Today I saw the same on one of my website, although I have never seen such type of incidents in my life that any website has got more than 100% of new visitors. Also consider a fact that I too have opened my website at least for once on my PC, and how come even I too was considered as a new visitor? I am not sure if it is one sort of flow or anything else.

Few people were thinking about, what is the matter which I am saying? Let me clear them, today when I was checking the analytics of one of my website, I truly became surprised to see that today my site has received 101.21% new visitors which won’t be true any how. You can also check the image below:

The matter of consideration is that according to normal mathematics more than 100% is not at all possible, while my stats are showing this. I am using Google Analytics for the traffic analysis of the website. Now it can either be a flow in the Analytics or it is a temporary effect. There is in fact some serious flow behind this.

I am not aware if any one has also seen such type of stats for their website, if yes then please discuss with us. Practically speaking why I am surprised to see this stat because whatever Mathematics I know suggests me that more that 100% is not possible and Google is such a big company that they won’t be able to make such type of mistake.

Just saw two more examples on my websites data: (These are from another website)

Another one:

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