Apple sold 4.4 million iPhones!

Despite the slowdown of the market, Apple is still going bigger and bigger. Apple is not only winning the hearts but also winning the market. Their report on the first quarter is showing the record sell and profit from the iPhones and iPods.

iPhones and iPods are two of the most popular products of the Apple. Other than these Macintosh Computers is also one of the top products of Apple but it is not so much popular. Apple is satisfied with the iPod sales and Mac sales while according to a few analysts iPhones sale are not up to the mark.

The past looks good but the future has some concern too. Financial analysts are predicting that second quarter will not go as the first quarter is going, but this assumption might be fail too. However Apple team is too excited with the first Quarter sale and they are looking hopeful to attain the same in the second one too.

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