Effects of ipod on teenagers!

The momentous invention of Apple industry has been the ipods. This gadget has become a mass hysteria with every single individual vying to possess it. With a large memory space to store up to 1000 songs, this baby has become more popular than Madonna has.

The teenagers dominate the consumer market for ipods. Children and adults too contribute towards the consumers list for this product teens take the cake. There may be many reasons to associate ipods and teenagers but the most common being style and status symbol. In addition, the second most common reason is peer pressure.

There has been lot of contemplation over the impact of ipod on the teenagers. Though ipods can be beneficial for the teens, as they not only help them get over their boredom but also facilitate in strengthening their concentration power. There are certain features available in ipods that assist in education too. Teens can master diverse languages and gather information on varied topics through Podcast.

However, as the saying goes “all good comes with some bad”, similarly ipod has its own share of negative influence. Studies have shown that teenagers alienate themselves from the social scenario once ipods come in their lives. Ipods fulfill their need for a companion. Moreover, studies too get affected as playing ipod while studying leads to disturbance in concentration power.

Ipods are also believed to incur hearing loss. Plugging in earplugs for longer hours at a high volume gradually reduces the hearing power and finally leads to permanent hearing loss. Prolonged hearing of music also leads to headache.

Ipods are expensive and may cause a huge dent on our pocket when purchased. The initiating price range of the most simplistic model itself is very high. The more refined the version, the costlier it gets. Hence, as a guardian one has to decide whether is it advisable to go for such an extravagant buy for a child?

Any product when wisely and moderately used becomes a boon and at the same time becomes a curse when misused. Thus, it is essential for parents to keep an eye on their teenaged flock who are mesmerized by this device. It is also significant to guide the young mind about the merchandise and its “pros and cons”.

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