Solar Technology A good alternative source of energy!

With the advent of technology and its fast pace over the last few decades the humankind has been forced to look for alternative sources of energy. The current economic crisis coupled with energy crisis, dwindling resources have made us ponder, and re look at our natural resources. Solar energy is a promising field, which has made sufficient head way since its first use. A renewable from of energy, which is abundantly available, and has been utilized since ancient ages. Testimony to this fact has been specific references of solar ponds found in ancient civilization.

solar home lightning system - Image taken by Admin in 28th India International Trade Fare Delhi!

solar home lightning system

Solar technology normally relates to use of sun’s radiant energy in form of heat absorbed by ponds, oceans, and atmosphere. It is also a fact that about 30 percent of this incident radiation is reflected back to the space. Solar technology utilizes and traps this energy by use of devices for use. Typical installations, which have been utilized since early civilization in many architectural monuments, include heating of rooms and providing light/ warmth. The orientation and design of such buildings was made to utilize the energy. Agriculture and horticulture have also evolved and green houses are now a days a common feature. It has a great utility value in our daily homework too where the solar energy is converted to thermal energy and is available for cooking, heating water etc. Solar technology has found its most successful use in rural development in most of the countries owing to its cheap and abundant supply.

Use of photovoltaic cells in applications such as electronic industry and production of electricity for home has also been an area of extreme research and expansion. It is a form of energy devoid of any pollution and harmful effects and hence popular for automobile industry. This coupled with rising oil prices have led the researchers turn towards this form of energy in the field. Though it has its own disadvantages but the benefits such as low pollution, abundant and economical availability, and conservation of energy resources offsets it.

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