Convergence technology: the revolutionary technological development!

Convergence technology in lay mans’ term is alliance of different technologies to form a common access point for all of them at one go. The merger is formed to improve efficiency of the product by sharing of resources. The world today is surrounded by media convergent’s functioning at multiple level.

The best example of convergent technology is the internet. This IT programme was introduced in 1969 for the sole purpose of education. Internet was used as a medium of transference of educational data among different institutes. However with the changing time and IT boom in 1990’s this medium suddenly glorified. It was used for sharing of information on all possible topics. Now it has book reading facility, and you can play songs, watch a movie and have the updated news of what all is happening around the world.

The secondly important convergent technology development is mobile. The handsets today are loaded with GPRS facility, Bluetooth options, FM radio, MP3 player, camcorder, voice recorder, voice mails and text messages. The latest versions today come with web connectivity for accessing mails. There are additional accessories like memory card which enhances the efficiency of the mobiles. The mobile market has become very competitive with each company coming up with new user friendly feature.

Convergence technology has boomed to such an extent that the whole world appears to be at your door step. Text messages can be sent from mobiles and internet to the landlines. PC‘s are used to watch movies, play games, listen to songs and watch television along with internet. IPod is the new music machine falling in the same category with ample memory storage and can play 1000 songs at a go and is also used for watching movies, for clicking snaps and is also used as camcorder.

The multiplicity of these objects make life easier for the user. But there are drawbacks too of this technology. The original use of the product gets lost in the web of multi functionality. However there are pros and cons of everything. But we should not forget that life has become so convenient after convergent technology.

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