Microsoft technology and its impact on common man!

Sitting right now writing this article makes me thank Bill gates from the core of my heart and is a reminder to every non technical professional of the wonderful technology of   “Microsoft” which had made life so easy. Microsoft technology is used in every aspect of a common man’s life. Whether it is to make a presentation, or send a mail or to make database.

Before the introduction of Microsoft packages people used to work on a note pad for text writing, data base or fox pro was used for arithmetic calculations and so on. These packages were not very user friendly as one had to learn the commands. But then Microsoft introduces MS office which was commonly known as Windows 95. It was the first system which used graphical interface and the salient features of this package were Lotus123, word pad etc. the package had all the features displayed on the menu bar and task bar. Help function was used in the same package to for guidance of the user. Things became simpler for the common man with every information present on the screen itself.

Presentations became manageable and more informative with the MS office tools helping one in making graphs, histogram, pie charts etc. later on office packages were also introduced .

The latest version of MS office is MS 2003 and windows vista which has more add on features. In this version grammatical errors and spelling mistakes can be easily corrected. The ms office is also loaded with dictionary and thesaurus which help in improvement of the text.

Microsoft has contributed greatly towards the changing world scenario. It has made the common man more computers friendly and no more does one think twice before switching on the PC by lots of computer firms but Microsoft holds the first position with high performance packages.  New technologies and programmes are getting introduced everyday and Microsoft is a leading force in the IT scenario today with their R&D department working day and night ensuring a simple technical life for the common man.

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