What are Short Codes?

What they are: First things first, short codes are also called short numbers or common short codes and are shorter than normal telephone numbers. They are basically used to address SMS and MMS messages from mobile or fixed phones. They are definitely short and easy to remember. Mostly they are used by the content providers like large media organizations, consumer Products Company or advertisers. They are used to promote the products or services as the receiver can interact with these short codes. These codes are registered in the name of the content provider, like television broadcasters/producers, radio stations, movie/record companies, advertising agencies, promoters, mobile content providers etc.

Application providers: Each message addressed to a short code is routed to an application. There are many application providers that specialize in software development and hosting for mobile messaging applications, but the application may also be hosted by the content provider. Most application providers are experts in various fields like voting, gaming; marketing etc. they maximize the success of short codes by increasing receiver’s participation.

Benefits of short codes: As I had told you before, they are easy to remember as they are short. Indian users get on an average six of such SMSs a day and reply to at least three to four. Thus companies have found a new medium of promoting and advertising. Short codes in themselves have become a sort of advertising media. Also they can be used for variety of purposes like entertainment, voting, gaming, surveys and marketing. Since the advertisers can personalize using short codes, so they are increasingly becoming popular amongst them. In times to come the users will be able to download e-books, shop, and do banking using short codes. Surely short codes are going to develop as a new media itself!

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