Changing face of common man with the changing global scenario!

Do you remember the days when calls were made from phone booths and a person would wait in a queue praying that people standing before him in the line don’t get connected? But the scenario has drastically changed now. No more queue ups; in fact calling booths themselves have become nearly extinct now a days. And all the credit goes to the changing technical scenario. Today mobiles, internet and voice messages have made connectivity easier.

The invention of computers and development of internet has been a big boon to the society. Internet is an information center and is an excellent medium of communication. The whole world is connected through the net today putting people around the globe on a common platform. On net there is information ranging from medicine, cookery, psychology, child rearing, information technology and every possible topic that you can think of. All the information is just a click away. The internet has proven to be monetarily beneficial too for people who are unable to go out and work, especially women. There are numerous online jobs helping people get independent.

Technical scenario is changing at a very fast pace in this information age. A new product comes in market and within few months becomes outdated and is replaced by an advanced, compact and better version. The time today is of miniscule commodities.

Technology has proved beneficial for human rights as well with the invention of new machineries and robots doing all the physical work which otherwise was done by men. People have become more educated about things around them and lot of myths and superstitions have been cleared. It has also made them aware of the pressing issues of globalization, saving environment, rights of a women and many more things.

Nothing is uncommon and new for a common man today. But care must be taken to not misuse or over use technology. We should also consider the negative effects of technical development and work towards minimizing them.

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