How the cost of Water can be Decreased!

Water is becoming expensive: We all are aware that water shortage in the entire world is increasing day by, thanks to global warming. And as a result the prices of water are on all time rise and it is the common man who is facing the music. Every time in summers we witness scenes like people running with their buckets and boxes to collect water from the water tanker because there is simply no water supply in their homes. Or most of the times people have to pay a little extra to get water during summers.

Cost of purifying can be reduced: Also the cost of purifying the water is also high and since the water has to be distilled and made eligible for drinking, its cost become high.

Mainly there are two processes by which water is purified- thermal desalination and reverse osmosis. Out of these processes, reverse osmosis is more cost effective. But it has its own disadvantages; the membrane used to filter impurities is susceptible to microbes in the impure water. As a result, a chlorine wash is necessary to combat the bio-film that collects on the membrane surface. Unfortunately, current membranes are significantly weakened by exposure to chlorine.

We all can contribute: We all in our own way can contribute towards this cause, mainly because this cause directly affects us and our families. None of us can survive without water, so we should all use it in an efficient manner so that we and our future generations don’t have to suffer from water shortages. You can start simply by putting the taps off when you don’t need water, using the waste water like water from washing vegetables to water the plants, or by consuming less water on daily basis. Apart from that you get associated with NGOs working towards the cause, help in water reservation projects and do rain water harvesting.

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