A few technologies that will be good for you to stay Employed!

It was the month of September when I first came to know about global economic crisis. A few leaders in India claimed that this crisis is not going to touch India in any way. Within a few days a few good companies started removing its employees from the company. Suddenly the entire seen changed out. Those who were thinking that the global economic crisis is no way going to hit Indians are started crying.

IT sector is worst effected from the crisis, so if you are working in IT sector, then you too need some more archeries in your hand, so that you can survive through this crisis period. You must be aware from where the technologies are heading so that you can be able to face any situation in your working life.

This article is a summary of a few technologies which can help you to save your employment.

Web Technologies: Web technologies are a nice way to get secure your job. This field is a continuous field and it always requires some modifications, though new works are also available in this field. In my view it is one type of field which is never going to end in any way. Technologies like XML can change your life. There are actually families of XML type of languages like XHTML, XSLT, XSL, DTDs, XML Schema (XSD), XPath, XQuery, and SOAP which are very much required. The best part of XML is that you can either use structured data or unstructured one too. XHTML is getting more and more preference for writing HTML codes these days. You can even transform your XML document into a text document, or PDF files or comma delimited files with the help of XSL type of languages.

Web technologies is actually the application of any language, it provides some thing to do to every language.

Object Oriented Programming: Popularly known as OOPs. When I was a student at that time it was came in existent and very soon it became a very popular tool. I like the features like Inheritance, Polymorphism, Encapsulation and Abstraction. The best part of OOPs is Inheritance in which you can derive new classes from any existing class. It saves a lot of time. C++ and Pascal or Delphi is one of the finest examples which use OOPs.

Java and Javascript: One of the greatest tools is Java. Both Java and Javascript looks similar from the point of view of their names but these two are entirely different things. Java is a programming tool while Javascript is a scripting language. The fact which makes Javascript more important is that all the browsers use it. The future of web is mobile application and they can be developed with the help of these two easily, so the demands of these two are never going to end in any way.

Graphics tool: Graphics tool like Photoshop, Coreldraw and Flash are in demand from the date in which they came in existent, and they will remain in demand forever too. You need to master them so that your company will always look for you.

I hope these technologies can help us to stay employed or to get better opportunities in our life. IT is a field in which you need to remain a student throughout your life, and you need to learn new things daily.

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