Email Spamming which we get daily!

Are you fed up of junk mail in your inbox? Do you have to spend few minutes to hours every day to sort out important mails from the spam mail? Well, you might be surprised to know that these mails might just be sent by your next-door neighbor as according to a recent study, India is the top spammer in the world. This study was conducted by Trend Micro, a company that provides internet security through Anti Virus and Anti Malware programs. China comes in second at 3.39 per cent followed by the Republic of Korea at 2.57 per cent. Asia accounts for almost seventeen percent of the total spam.

Email Spamming
Email Spamming

Though every e mail web site provides a lot of help in fighting spamming, any amount of filtration is inadequate for these disturbing elements. Spam basically refers to unwanted mails sent by unknown people in your inbox every day. This could be advertisement of some product or it might be some kind of promotional scheme. And this industry is thriving because, believe it or not, almost ten percent of people buy stuff that is being advertised through spam.

Spamming searches the internet for valid e mail addresses. Chat rooms, forums, blogs, web sites are thoroughly searched by the programmers to generate a list of valid e mail addresses. The spammers then send mails to these valid e mail addresses as well as invalid ones related to these valid e mail addresses. Your address might just be caught in this process and thus starts the irritating process of receiving spam mails.

Gary Thuerk was the man who had sent the first spam e mail in the year 1978 to six hundred addresses who were the users of Arpanet. Microsoft founder Bill Gates receives four million mails a year most of which are spam. So you see not even the most powerful men in the computer industry can get rid of this menance.

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