Pros and Cons of modern technology!

Who had thought in the age of chariots that horses would be replaced by “The Bullet” (World’s fastest train in service)? Had it not been for the Einsteins and Newtons, who are born with new names in every era, we may have been complacent farmers and hunters even today.

As is popularly said “Necessity is the mother of all inventions”, welcome to the 21st Century! Here you will find that you no longer have to dial a ten digit number to call someone (Speed dialing on mobile phones saves you your precious time). Just 1 click and your letter travels across continents in 2 minutes rather than 2 weeks and you can turn your lights off without getting up from your chair. That’s right folks; here in the 21st Century we have vastly advanced that crazy concept called technology. No more video cassettes or tape recorders. No more wasting your money on music or movies. With just a click of a button you can have anything your restless heart desires.

Pros and Cons of modern technology! 

Pros: Technology has made life very comfortable for us. Cell phones, computers, even coffee makers are now so much more efficient, quick and easy to use for most people. Not denying the fact that they are also tons of fun.

We’ve got robots vacuuming our carpets and scrubbing our floors. We have everything in our homes just a click of button away. It’s really amazing how quickly technology is developing and how far it has come.

Had we ever thought that a single chip would replace an entire assembly line of workers?

This has helped in eliminating human errors and made work faster and more efficient (We can’t argue that this might be considered as a con since a single chip has become the cause for employment of an entire work team).

There was a time when a person diagnosed as HIV positive was ostracized from the society as people thought that they would be infected too if they even touched the infected person. But thanks to the advancements in the field of medicine and health, now these people are treated with love and care and have a hope to live.

New researches about human anatomy are done every day. Doctors and researchers all over the world are working hard to introduce new medicines and treatments which can cure even the deadliest of diseases. This has surely added some years to the average life span of humans.

Cons: I went to watch “Rock on” some days back. At the end of the movie it said “Don’t download the music, Buy it”. Even after that I came back, opened my laptop and within 10 minutes I had all the rock numbers I wanted.

In my case it wasn’t that I couldn’t afford a CD, It was just my laziness which got the better of me.

The other day I got late for my office by 2 hours. The reason: I was caught up in a jam.


Because someone was talking on the mobile while driving and met with a brutal accident. Is not it one of the worst drawbacks of modern technology?

I guess no, it is the drawback of the person who is using it in a wrong way.

Hacking is the most common “sophisticated” crime nowadays. It has engulfed a major chunk of the young and talented pool of today. Every second day there is a new type of deadly software virus which we are made aware of.

Modern inventions and techniques are not for everyone. It’s only a rich man’s dream to fly a personal jet with all the latest gadgets fitted in it. On microscopic level, I feel technological advances are also widening the gap between the various classes of the society. I fear that this might cause unrest among the underprivileged or the less privileged section of society and lead to more crimes and disparity.

And how can we forget Hiroshima. Throughout most of the world, the name Hiroshima has come to represent man’s technological capacity for massive destruction. Hiroshima was the culmination of the high-altitude bombing and long-range killing that came increasingly to characterize World War II. Hiroshima opened the door upon a new world, a world in which it is possible for humanity to destroy itself by its own inventions of highly destructive weaponry.

Hiroshima was the world’s first look at a technology that could destroy countries, end civilization, and foreclose a human future. What is unfortunate is that Hiroshima seems to be recreated every day with more and more scientist squandering their talent to improve weapons of mass destruction.

Nuclear weapons do not discriminate. They kill innocent men, women and children. The problem is if the disillusioned and disaffected extremists of the world obtain nuclear weapons, they will use them to destroy everyone.

What we have to ask ourselves now is, as technology advances, do we slow down? Have we become victims of laziness and potential danger because of computers and cell phones? Are machines running or possibly ruining our lives?

So these were some of the pros and cons of modern technology. Do let us know if you like it or not, please do share your comment about it.

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