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Internet is the common need for every task all over the world from large metropolitan cities to small towns. Internet presence is the need of the hour. New websites are developing every second for variety of reasons. Basically the main reason behind developing a site is to make money via ad programs incorporated into the sites. People make their own sites and integrate ads on them to earn money through them.

As a site owner, you need to constantly be in the know about your website’s earning potential via advertising opportunities, affiliate programs as well as miscellaneous third party advertisers and for this you need to enlist help from a web entity that will tell you the value of your site.

There are many factors which are responsible to value your website. It’s tricky to find the value of a site. There are many free sites available on internet which provides this help to you. But are they trustworthy? Do their estimates are correct or near to correct??

Consider It is one of the sites which calculate value of the websites. Let’s have a look on the results for It comes out to be worth $1,561,822,935. Now go for It is worth $742,166,748. So what you will say? How can one believe on these tools available on internet?

Not all the sites are like this. Few of them are reliable. One of the best-known free valuation sites is dnScoop. dnScoop asks for no more information than your domain name.

There are so many sites which may boast about highly accurate website valuation. A perfect website valuations tool can help you to insight your website value. is another reliable site which provide this help to you. also featured a highly impressive comparison report that reveals the effectiveness behind different website valuations tools. Using data compiled while comparing its website valuations results with similar findings by other web valuations tools such as Tidget, DNscoop,

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