New iPhone 3G : a Broadband Revolution!

With time, there is a gradual change in network connections and speed provided by the Service providers. Communication is getting fast from an earlier slow speed of 256Kbps to a high speed 3G broadband network of today. One more name added to high speed wireless broadband is iphone with 3G.

The new iphone is able to connect to the 3G network.  The new gadget provides HSDPA, which has a theoretical download speed of between 400 and 700 Kbps, though Apple on it site says it’s going to be 2.4x the speed of EDGE – about 100 Kbps. A 3G connection on a non-computer device actually feels like a broadband connection.

”The immediacy of the data at your fingertips is huge. Imagine, looking up anything, anywhere.”

The speed is no doubt very fast and is quite addictive. It is perfect to avoid your computer for daily tasks as the device is giving a perfect service for your work. The main reasons why Truphone’s new iPhone app can be your proffered tool are:

-High speed to access web.
-A generous screen to display the content.
-Easy to use and handle.
-It has a more than adequate browser, making it an ideal candidate for being a “cloud client.”
-easy to place VoIP calls on the iPhone

The iphone provides the best service for internet surfing. The blogs, email and other sites can be surfed easily and quickly. The mails can be checked as speedly as on the desktop. Facebook on the iPhone is almost infinitely more usable than its web counterpart. (John Markoff is marveling at the pocket-sized experience as well.) Also it makes it easy to place VoIP calls on the iPhone, thereby making it less necessary to fire up the old computer to call anyone.

The only negative point is lack of a fast-enough connection that helped “off-source” some tasks from their computers.

The new tool is going to give more stress over AT&ts 3G network as people will find the device more beneficial for their work and more and more people will connect to the network with time. We hope that the iPhone will be a revolution in the field of technology.

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