Google with Omnisio unveils new online video tool on Youtube!

Google has unveiled its new presentation tool which will make you enable to create your own videos by splicing and editing the available online videos. Along with Omnisio, an Australian based social video mash up service Provider Company, Google has given its users to play with the videos on Google video, Youtube and and make their own remix videos.

The users can annotate and share videos from various websites, can edit them and blend them together. One can even extract different sections of clips from the videos which can be assembled in the desired order to cherish your creative ideas. With its unique features, the new web tool will add a spice to many fun lovers.

Google-Omnisio binding for the new video package will give a creative touch to online videos and they will be more effectively explored.

This will not only be a great joy to fun lover users but the corporate people too have reasons to grasp the new feature. With the help of this presentation tool, presenters can now upload slideshows in PDF format or slide share and synchronize them with videos uploaded allowing viewers to jump around within presentations.

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