Changing technology with time!

Technology is showing a gradual trend of change with time. New tools and techniques are invented daily which give rise to new technologies. Background knowledge has enabled people to create new things. Technology has totally changed our life. With the invention of wheels, people started traveling and with the advancement of technology human has made a lot of other fast track vehicles. Recently a new train service at a speed of 350 Km/hr is started in China. The new technologies at present are sufficient lo leave the Earth and reach Moon and Mars.

With continuous change in technology from Stone Age, we have reached the modern world of computer and internet which has totally changed our lives. Human is still searching new methods and technology to further changes in life.

All the facilities are available to us. Pressing a single button is enough to do routine activities. Man is now totally dependent on technology. Every work needs machines and Mobiles devices are providing technology is in our hands today. Mobile phones are not only to talk but a lot other facilities are there with this small device. From internet access to map locations all over the world, everything can be there on your set.

Man has defeated nature. Weather forecast made possible to avert the natural disasters and to follow precautionary measures. Nature resistant homes and cars are produced. Recent reports said that China scientists are engaged in averting possible rain during the grand opening ceremony of Olympics starting on 8/8/8. They are making rockets to blow rain clouds. This is enough to understand the power of technology which has defeated nature also.

The 19th century saw astonishing developments in transportation, construction, and communication technologies originating in Europe, especially in Britain. The Steam Engine which had existed since the early 18th century, was practically applied to both steamboat and railway transportation. Other technologies were explored for the first time, including the Incandescent light bulb.

In 20th Century, technology developed rapidly. Communication technology, transportation technology, broad teaching and implementation of Scientific method, and increased research spending all contributed to the advancement of modern science and technology. During this century, radio, radar, and early sound recording were key technologies which paved the way for the telephone, fax machine, and magnetic storage of data.

Energy and engine technology improvements were also vast, including nuclear power, developed after the Manhattan project. Making use of computers and advanced research labs, modern scientists have Recombinant DNA.

In 21st century, technology is being developed even more rapidly. All fields of science and technology are showing marked progress. Computer has speeded the technology. After the physical barriers of the integrated circuit are reached, quantum computers might be introduced. This could pave the way to the simulation of biological brains and/or the storage thereof.

Ongoing developments include research into bioengineering, nuclear fusion, nanotechnology, alternative fuel technologies, the scramjet (along with rail guns and high-energy beams for military uses), superconductivity etc.

Researchers are trying to improve the efficiencies of LEDs and solar cells. Space science is also showing a marked improvement. Spacecraft designs are also improving. Recently Phoenix mission of NASA has discovered water on Mars arising strong possibilities of life on other planets.

In short, technology is changing gradually and with this our lifestyle is also showing a steep change towards improvement. Everything is getting automatic. Technology is providing power to our hands.

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